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  • The security number is typically on the back of the card - 3 or 4 digits.
  • Thank you for requesting Empty Nest Cleaning (ENC) to provide a customized cleaning bid for your property.
    By checking this box I agree to allow Empty Nest Cleaning Co to process my card for the amount agreed upon in this agreement.
    On-site inspections are completed by an ENC Owner/Manager. By e-signing this document, and providing your credit or debit card information, you agree to a one-time $30 non-refundable inspection fee, to be charged prior to the scheduled appointment.
    This secures the appointment time and date, as well as compensates for time, travel and the final customized 3-tier bid for your property. This $30 fee will be credited toward any final cleaning services provided. Additionally, you agree to photographs being taken of each room/space of the property to ensure an accurate and thorough customized bid.
    Cancellation of your bid appointment with less than 24-hours notice will result in an equal $30 inconvenience/cancellation fee. This does not apply to rescheduled appointments.